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Listen to the strings and hear the music.

Much of the power in a shot comes from the string, which means the strings are a very important part of the racket and can make a big difference to your play. Therefore, it is essential that you choose the right strings that will give you a good feel, less shock and of course more control.

FZ FORZA badminton strings are the preferred choice for both beginners and badminton professionals. Common for all the strings is the durability and superior power. Be sure to find your string soul mate for the court. 

Choice of badminton strings

Thin gauges badminton strings (0,65 - 0,70 mm): 

Recommended for tournament players and players who want to have more fun and win more matches. The advantages are less air resistance, faster reactions, greater power and less string tension. All in all this means longer racket life.

Disadvantages with the thinner gauge string is less durability and more expensive maintenance. 

Thick gauges badminton strings: 

We recommend these strings for amateur players, beginners and players who often hit the shuttlecock outside the impact surface.

The advantages with a thicker gauge string are longer life and thereby less expense.

The disadvantages are more air resistance, slower strokes and a little less power