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FZ FORZA has been at the forefront designing clothes the past 25 years, and our new collections are not an exception.

We have divided the collections into series with different themes and expressions, and one of them is Off the Court.

This series is a new initiative in the FZ FORZA-regi. The Off the Court series is purposed to complete all aspects of your badminton training which both includes game days, training days and traveling days. The series is both ideal on the badminton court but especially also outside the court, where you for example are jogging or maintain your shape another way. Moreover, this series offers good comfort and fit that is indispensable in your training outside court. The Off the Court series has a simple and functional design that makes it easy to mix the different styles with our other series. For example you can mix the Hold- or Jillian pants with a colorful jacket from the Be Strong series or match the Jamine Tights with a patterned tee from the Neo Print series. You have the opportunity to put together your own personal badminton look and choose the styles that inspire you.

The choice of materials in this series is polyester and elasthan, which means the different styles are ductile and provide comfort when you move around. Moreover, all of the styles have a FZ logo in reflect, while several styles also has other reflective details.